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At the City of Guyton, we always strive to provide up-to-date information on City services that enhance your quality of life. Please visit our website regularly for updates on the following:

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Meetings Schedules

City Council: 2nd Tuesday, 7pm
Planning and Zoning: 4th Tuesday, 7pm
Fire Department: Mondays, 7pm

Services Schedules

Recycling Pickup every other Friday

If you experience an issue with your trash pick up, please contact 772.3353 or waterworks@cityofguyton.com.    

                                       PUBLIC NOTICE

Notice is hereby given that according to the Georgia Municipal Election Code, The City of Guyton is required to post the qualifying fees for the City of Guyton’s Municipal Election to be held November 7, 2017. There are two (2) councilmember seats up for election and will be four (4) year terms. As required by the State law, the qualifying fee shall be 3% of the Councilmember’s salary, which makes the qualifying fee $72.00

     ******** The Mayor and Council of the City of Guyton will be holding a Special Called Public Hearing regarding personnel Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 6 pm in the Leisure Services Community Room at 505 Magnolia Street.******

    *****The City Council meeting schedule for Tuesday March 14, 2017 has been changed.  The new meeting date is Tuesday, March 21 at 7:00 pm.***** 


Important Information -
Trash/Recycle Carts

It has been brought to our attention by Waste Management that many recycle carts also have trash being put in them.
Effective July 31, 2015 Waste Management will NOT empty the recycle carts that have trash in them. Please remove your trash from the recycle carts and put it in the proper receptacle (trash cart).

Phone Numbers

City Hall 772-3353
Police Dept. 911 772-8745
PD Tip Line 772-7777
Fire Dept. 911 772-5800
Waterworks (emergencies) 341-2702
Burn Permits 1-877-652-2876

City Calendar