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May 18, 2023

To quell the rumors and misinformation surrounding the potential changes to the City Zoning code regarding Manufactured Housing and Modular Homes, the following information is important.

  1. The City is NOT making manufactured or modular homes illegal.
  2. The City is NOT taking away existing manufactured or modular homes.
  3. The City will NOT prevent homeowners from replacing an existing manufactured or modular home.
  4. The City will NOT prevent homeowners from repairing their property or require approval to do so.

The current proposed changes to the code will do the following:

  1. Property owners desiring to put a manufactured or modular home on property in the city limits will now apply for a special use permit with Planning and Zoning.  This allows neighbors of that property to be heard and for community input during a public hearing.
  2. If Planning and Zoning approves the permit, the home is allowed.  If denied, the property owner can appeal to the city council.

This ordinance does not make manufactured housing or modular homes illegal.  It allows the community the opportunity to participate in the future of their neighborhoods.  Please reach out with any questions to City Manager Meketa Brown or speak to your Mayor and Council Members.